Food & Beverages

The traditional art of brewing and the Allgäu art of cookery!
Our Head Chef Ernst and his team will spoil you with delicious specialities from the Allgäu region. We serve the popular classical dishes from our region such as roasted pork with crackling in a dark beer sauce, Kässpätzle ( Homemade Swabian style pasta mixed with mountain cheese and topped with roasted onions), Tafelspitz ( boiled beef) and roasted beef with onion gravy from cattle grazing on the Allgäu meadows.
Apart from that we also offer various seasonal delicacies. We have our “sour speciality weeks” when we offer tripe and liver in a traditional sour sauce in January and February, wild garlic and fresh asparagus in springtime, fresh wild mushrooms and salads in the summertime or pumpkin dishes in the autumn. You will definitely find something to suit your taste.
The master brewer Johannes Stolz, ensures that you can enjoy the right beer to go with your meal. These include our famous blue band beers such as the Isny Zunftratsbeer, the Isny Weizen (wheat) speciality beer or seasonal beers such as the beer of the century or the Isny Märzen. The Stolz family lovingly brews various different beers – suited to all tastes!